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Anti STAR2! BuilderHall LEVEL4 The best 4 defensive layouts against Archer [New Clash of Clans Diary 13day]


アンチ☆2!ビルダーホールレベル4 アーチャー泣かせの4つのレイアウト配置【新クラクラ日記13日目】

Playing Clash of Clan Day13.

I have about 2100 Trophies.
BuilderHall Level is 4.


If construction of AirBombs is complete,
I’d like to start UPGRADE BuilderHall.


Now, My Attack is Usual Using SneakyArchers,
and I’m aiming to destroy over 50% of facilities.



But, at more than 2100 torophies,
It is neccesary to have 2 stars.


However,To get 2 stars
you have to destroy BuilderHall,
every village is very difficult to attack.


so, I introduce the best 4 defensive layouts
that I felt difficult to attack with Archers.


Please refer constructing your vilage!

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The Layouts of Anti Star 2 at BuilderHall Level4

Anti Star2.

In other words,  it is not allowed to destoy the BuilderHall,
but it is allowed to be destroyed by 50%.

It is a layout arrangement that is difficult to
attack with sneaky archers.

After 50% destroying, Difficult to Attack

アンチ☆2!ビルダーホールレベル4 アーチャー泣かせの4つのレイアウト配置【新クラクラ日記13日目】

This layout looks easy to attack.

But, After 50% of defense facilities,
it is difficult to attack.


ArcherTower below BuilderHall is
SneakArcher’s arrows doesn’t reach.

Tesra is hidden below the ArcherTower,
and there is a MegaBomb beside the tesra.



If you attack from above the vuillage,
your units will be forced to walk out of wall.

The layout is difficult to attack.

Layout using space widely

アンチ☆2!ビルダーホールレベル4 アーチャー泣かせの4つのレイアウト配置【新クラクラ日記13日目】

By increasing the distance between facilities,
the layout is using space widely.


The distance between facilities is wide,
but there are no gaps and traps are properly set up.


Since the distance to facilities is far,
archers will be forced to walk,
and the sneak time is decrease.


In this case, you will need a boxergiant
to be used for bulletproof.

I am bad at it.

Layout all facilities in the walls

アンチ☆2!ビルダーホールレベル4 アーチャー泣かせの4つのレイアウト配置【新クラクラ日記13日目】

Most facilities are in the wall.


At the BuilderHall’s right and behind the Crash,
Tesla was hiding.


Archer has low attack power,
It takes time to destroy
the ClockTower and Star Laoratory.

When the sneak time expires,
you will receive a centralized attack.


The combination of the clock tower, the guard post
and Archer Tower is making difficult to attack from the top.


By the way there is a spring trap at the entrance.

Layout that the defense facilities are well balanced

アンチ☆2!ビルダーホールレベル4 アーチャー泣かせの4つのレイアウト配置【新クラクラ日記13日目】

If the AirBombs located out of the walls like this village,
it will be easy to attack with BabyDragons.

But, it is not good for SneakArchers.


It is difficult to attack this village with archers,
because the defense facilities at the left side are very storong.


The Double Cannon is located right side,and
the 2 Cannon are located left side.

It is very well balanced.

I’d like to upgrade Baby Dragon quickly
and destroy like this village.


To avoid taking 2 STARs,
the Builder Hall should be placed in the center of the village.


To defense your village,
it is necessary to place double walls,

tough facilities, strong defense systems.


As the Giant countermeasure,
the Spring Traps are located appropriate place.

And as the Raged Barbarians countermeasure,
the Mega Mine is placed at wall gaps.



By the basic strategy,
Builder Hall should be place at the center of the village,
and defense facilities should be well balanced.

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